What was your AudioWorks experience?

I took my 2010 ford explorer to have new speakers put in, I had new speakers, amp and sub put in over 2 years ago at a different place and it sounded horrible, shaking windows, no mid-base and to make it worse where they put the amps I was unable to fold down my 3 row seats which of course I complained about but got no where, over the course of the next 2 years I went though 3 sets of blown speaker and could never figure out why, so we when to Audio Works in Newark in like 5 mins the guy said that because we had a Sync system on the Ford that most after market equipment would not work correctly with out an processor and would continue to blow speakers so they installed for me new speakers, the correct processor, new amps as the one I had were not the best, and re-used my sub so now I have a really great sounding system with no shaking of my windows, clears voices that dont hiss, speakers that dont blow as well as I use my sub (which I tore out after the first systems since I could hear nothing over the shaking of the windows) and I got a bass knob to control how much base I want to hear. I just wanted to say that after 2 years of crappy sounding or blown speakers this company knew how to fix the issuses with my speakers and made it sounds really good and I am pleased with it, in fact so happy that I am writing a review which I have never wrote before….ever!!


After the AM/FM/CD radio in my car acted up and wouldn’t play CD’s correctly, I found Audio Works and had them replace that radio. It only took a few hours and it works perfectly. Then a year later the outside entertainment radio in my RV failed. I again contacted Audio Works to buy a replacement. I had intended to put it in myself, but after getting a good look at the wiring, I had them do it. an hour later I was out of there, and cheaper than I had thought. Wonderful work and now the only business I’ll ever use for radio work.


I had purchased a new head unit, sub amp, sub, replacement speakers, and a dual battery isolator for my Chevy Tahoe, and planned to install them myself. But due to health issues, over a year went by and I still hadn’t done the installation. So I called Audio Works in Newark. Darren got me set up with an appointment, and when I brought my truck in, he introduced to Jay who did the installation. It was a big job, but Jay got it done in a long day, with Joe helping out the last hour or 2. Even though it was way past closing time when the job was completed, Jay took the time to go over what he had done, including how to operate the dual battery isolator. I am impressed with the quality of work done. It wasn’t cheap, but it was well worth what I paid, because of the time and care Audio Works invested in my truck. I got the feeling that Jay did the installation the same way as he would do it in his own car. If I ever need car audio, remote start, or security alarm, I’ll definitely go back to Audio Works. Also I’ll recommend them to my friends and family. Thanks, Audio Works, for a job well done!


I originally went to AudioWorks May of 2010 after I went to many shops in the area offering the same services. My car was inspected and it was discovered there was no system compatible for it. The staff which includes Darren, Pete, Dale and Joe, advised me to try again at a later date because updates are constantly hitting the market. I visited them a few day’s ago to see if the technology had caught up to my car and was advised it had. So yesterday morning I took my car in to have the alarm which is the Viper 3303 and the Invisibeam Field Sensor installed. Pete, the technician who installed the alarm did a great job, installation was done in less than three hours and it didn’t look like he had done any work on the car, meaning he gave me back my car the same why I gave it to him, clean and neat but now with a Viper protecting it. When Pete was finished he took time out to explain to me the features the alarm has and how to use them, after that I was on my way, a satisfied customer secure in the knowledge that my car had the protection it needed.


I went to Audio Works of Newark to have keyless entry/remote start/smart start installed on my 2001 Civic. The staff was extremely knowledgable and curteous – they answered all my questions in detail and made sure I knew exactly how my new system operated, and on top of that the service was FAST. I am extremely pleased with my experience here and would recommend them to anyone. I will definitely be returning soon to upgrade my audio system with them.


I took my car back to the dealer when the radio stopped working. They sent me to Audio Works. I got great service and the price was half the dealers quoted price. It looks and sounds fantastic.

-Joe Russell

I currently live in Maryland and in the past I’ve only went to a car stereo shop near me but I wasn’t fully happy with that shops prices and installation times so I decided to go to Audio Works in Newark, Delaware and this has been the best decision I could have made. The staff at this location are very nice, helpfull and they have excellent prices. I recently purchased a Kenwood 516 flip out and I love it. The installation time was very fast compared to other places and they did an excellent job on the install. Even though I live in Md driving to Audio Works is definitely worth the drive! I would definitely recommend this store to anyone.

-Jason Phillips

I had a audio system and headlights done at Audio Jam in Governor Square and I have had nothing but problems. Everytime I have came with an issue of ANY KIND the crew at Audio Works have taken good care of me and my cars. I will NEVER go to any other audio store. They will ALWAYS service my cars and I will refer EVERYONE to them. It is worth the wait and the money ~ you get what you pay for. Thanks Audio Works!!!!!

-Daria & George Murray

After taking my wife’s 2007 Mazda3 in for a remote start, i was so happy with the outcome/price/speed i left my 2012 Jeep for a Viper Smartstart system with factory remote interface. They did a fantastic job on both, and took care of both vehicles like they were their own. I have recommended several friends/family to them due to the top notch service they provided.


I would like to thank Joe for helping me troubleshoot the auto starter issue I had. He was able to do this over the phone in less than 5 minutes. Now, I’m all set for the winter!


What was your AudioWorks experience?