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Qi Wireless Charging Car Mount

Kenwood CAX-HL10QI






15W Fast Charging
Provides up to 15 watts of fast charging power to compatible Qi enabled phones.
*Charging wattage varies by phone type.

Motorized Clamp & Infrared Sensor Lock
When the phone is placed near the infrared sensor, the clamping arms will automatically motorize open, allowing you to easily set the phone into the mount. After the phone has been placed into the mount, the clamping arms will automatically motorize closed to lock and hold the phone firmly in place.

One-Touch Release
To remove the phone, simply touch the sensor on the lower left side of the mount.

Built-in Battery
Allows mount to motorize open and closed even if your vehicle is turned off.

Safe Design
The adjustable hook ensures your phone stays securely in place, preventing a sudden drop even during the bumpiest of road conditions.

Multiple Mounts Included
Air Vent Mount – Heavy duty mount that easily attaches to multiple types of air vents.
Suction Cup Mount – A sturdy scuction cup with locking function that holds firmly in place on a window.
Dashboard Mounting Plate – Attach this to your dashboard, then attach the suction cup mount for convenient mounting on your dash.

Over temperature Protection:
When charging, if temperature goes over +60° C, the device will automatically stop charging and the transmitter light will flash red (1 second on/1 second off). When the temperature drops to +40° C, the device will automatically recharge.